New Features

HLM 7 offers unprecedented flexibility in modeling multilevel and longitudinal data. With the same full array of graphical procedures and residual files along with the speed of computation, robustness of convergence, and user-friendly interface of HLM 6, HLM 7 highlights include three new procedures that handle binary, count, ordinal and multinomial (nominal) response variables as well as continuous response variables for normal-theory hierarchical linear models:

Four-level nested models:

  • Four-level nested models for cross-sectional data (for example, models for item response within students within classrooms within schools).
  • Four-level models for longitudinal data (for example items within time points within persons within neighborhoods).

Four-way cross-classified and nested mixtures:

  • Repeated measures on students who are moving across teachers within schools over time, or item responses nested within immigrants who are cross-classified by country of origin and country of destination.
  • Repeated measures on persons who are simultaneously living in a given neighborhood and attending a given school.

Hierarchical models with dependent random effects:

  • Spatially dependent neighborhood effects.
  • Social network interactions.

HLM 7 also offers new flexibility in estimating hierarchical generalized linear models through the use of Adaptive Gauss-Hermite Quadrature (AGH) and high-order Laplace approximations to maximum likelihood. The AGH approach has been shown to work very well when cluster sizes are small and variance components are large. the high-order Laplace approach requires somewhat larger cluster sizes but allows an arbitrarily large number of random effects (important when cluster sizes are large).

New HTML output that supplies elegant notation for statistical models including visually attractive tables is also now available, allowing the user to cut and paste output of interest into manuscripts.

HLM 7 manual
  • A hard copy of the HLM 7 manual is not available.
  • PDF copies of the HLM 7 manual are available via the HLM 7 Manual option on the Help menu of the full, rental, trial, and student editions of HLM 7 for Windows.