Free trial license

Please note that the only limitation of the free IRTPRO trial license is that it expires 15 days after activation and that technical support is not available.

IRTPRO trial licenses are delivered via email on the same or the next business day.


  • Click on IRTPROTrialLicense.xls to save the XLS file to a temporary location.
  • Open IRTPROTrialLicense.xls in Microsoft Excel.
  • Enter the personal data requested in the first row into the corresponding columns of the second row.
  • Use the Save As option to save the revised XLS file.
  • Click on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to compose an email message with the subject line IRTPRO Trial License.
  • Attach the saved XLS file to the email message.
  • Send the email message.

Free student edition


  • The total number of items is restricted to a maximum of 25 items.
  • The total number of persons is restricted to a maximum of 1000 persons.
  • The total number of dimensions is restricted to a maximum of 3 dimensions.
  • It can only import ASCII, tab-delimited and comma-delimited data files.


  • Click on Setup to save the EXE file to a temporary location.
  • Use File Explorer to open the temporary location.
  • Ensure that the saved file is approximately 28,790 KB in size. If not, please save it again.
  • Click on the Run as Administrator option on the right-click menu for the EXE file.
  • Delete the EXE file from the temporary location.