BILOG-MG 3 by Michele Zimowski, Eiji Muraki, Robert Mislevy & Darrell Bock
  • Graphical user interface
  • Efficient analysis of binary items including multiple choice or short-answer items scored right, wrong, omitted, or not-presented
  • Capable of large scale production analysis, and handling of multiple groups
  • Performs item analysis and scoring of any number of subtests or subscales
  • Non-equivalent groups equating
  • Vertical equating of test forms
  • Differential item functioning (DIF)
  • Detection and correction for parameter trends over time (DRIFT)
  • Calibration and Scoring of tests in two-stage testing procedures
  • Estimation of latent ability or proficiency distributions
  • Provision for items inserted in tests to estimate item statistics, but not included in calculation of examinee scores ("variant items")
  • Item fit statistics, theoretical and empirical reliability
  • Information curves and reliabilities for putative test forms
  • Presentation quality IRT graphics, can be imported in Word, Access, etc.
  • Detailed online HELP documentation includes description of interface, syntax, and examples.
Obtaining a license for BILOGMG
  • SSI, Inc. offers academic and non-academic (production and commercial) licenses for its IRT software products.
  • Academic licenses apply to end users that intend to use the software exclusively for academic research and instruction.
  • Non-academic licenses apply to end users that intend to use the software for assessment.
  • Academic licenses for BILOGMG can be purchased by academic end users with legitimate academic email addresses via the SSI Shopping Cart.
  • Single 12 month non-academic licenses for BILOGMG can be purchased via the SSI Shopping Cart.


Free trial edition

Please note that the only limitations of the free BILOG-MG trial edition are that it expires 15 days after installation and that technical support is not available.


  • Save BILOG-MG3TrialSetup.exe to a temporary location.
  • Use File Explorer to open the temporary location.
  • Ensure that the saved file is approximately 19,161 KB in size. If not, please save it again.
  • Click on the Run as Administrator option on the right-click menu for BILOG-MG3TrialSetup.exe.
  • Delete BILOG-MG3TrialSetup.exe from the temporary location.


Product information and examples