Announcing the Release of BILOG-MG 4

A new version of the BILOG-MG program is immediately available.

New features

  1. Executables for running the Classical Statistics, Calibration and Scoring phases have been replaced with 32bit and 64bit dynamic link libraries. The GUI determines if the computer uses a 64bit or 32bit processor.
  2. The number of examinees in a dataset has been increased from 1 million to ten million.
  3. The maximum length of all file names has been changed from 128 to 256 characters. This “feature” is only useful if the DLL can handle syntax file with directory. Currently the UI break the full path into <drive>/<dir> and <filename>, change the current working directory to <drive>/<dir> and call the BLM.exe with <filename> (together with other parameters).
  4. The phases can be run in batch mode

Any of the BILOGMG modules (Phase1 = Classical Statistics, Phase2 = Calibration or Phase3 = Scoring) can be run in batch mode by using a .bat file   with the following script.

  "c:\program files\BILOG-MG\x64\BLM64” <module> <syntax file> [CHAR=#] [NUM=#]


  • module is one of 1, 2, or 3
  • syntax file denotes the name of the blm file (without the .blm extension).


 "c:\program files\BILOG-MG\x64\BLM64” 1 exampl06

Optionally, CHAR=# and/or NUM=# can be used to specify the character and numeric workspace respectively, e.g.

"c:\program files\BILOG-MG\x64\BLM64” 1 exampl06 CHAR=2000 NUM=8000

 Bug fixes

When multiple forms and multiple groups are specified in a syntax file, then no SCORE file is produced for the following command

>SCORE Method=2, NQPT=20, IDIST=0;

It was discovered that there was no computer code present to write the scores for this scenario. This problem was fixed in May 2020.