LISREL 10.3 now available on SSI Live™

SSI is pleased to announce the immediate availability of new versions of LISREL as software subscription on SSI Live™, our brand new licensing, delivery, and support system. 

With your renewable SSI Live subscription, you are entitled to many more benefits in comparison to previous licensing models. 

After paying for a renewable Standard subscription, you are entitled to download two (2) concurrent installs (previously offered single-user LISREL licenses only allow one install), access to all upgrades or updates, technical support, and discounts on subscriptions for other VPG or SSI programs, as long as your subscription is active. Additional installs can be added easily at any time at substantially lower cost. Unlike perpetually installed and activated software, you may move licenses or activations from one machine to another from your SSI account. This may be particularly convenient given increased remote work demands placed on all of us. Educator (or workshop instructor) access to fully-functioning student licenses are available at no additional cost if the instructor maintains an active LISREL Standard subscription. Even more affordable LISREL Basic subscriptions are available.

Multiple group analyses using a single data file

In previous versions of LISREL, the user was required to create separate data files for each group. Suppose that the groups to be analyzed consisted of data collected in eight countries, the implication is that eight datasets must to be created in order to fit a multiple group structural equation model. A new feature implemented in LISREL 10 allows researchers to use a single dataset that contains a group variable.

Models for grouped-time survival data

In LISREL 10 a generalization of an ordinal random-effects regression model to handle correlated grouped-time survival data is implemented. This model accommodates multivariate normally-distributed random effects, and additionally, allows for a general form for model covariates.

Assuming a proportional or partial proportional, hazards or odds model, a maximum marginal likelihood solution is implemented using multi-dimensional quadrature to numerically integrate over the distribution of random-effects. The reference guide “Survival Models for grouped data.pdf” contains examples and references and is accessible via the online Help menu.

Models for ordinal outcomes and the proportional odds versus non-proportional odds assumption

In LISREL 10, it is possible to fit both proportional and non-proportional odds models to verify the proportional odds assumption using a chi-square difference test.  The reference guide “Models for proportional and non-proportional odds.pdf” contains examples and references and is accessible via the online Help menu.

Combining LISREL and PRELIS functionality

With LISREL 10, if raw data is available in a LISREL data system file or in a text file, one can read the data into LISREL and formulate the model using either SIMPLIS syntax or LISREL syntax. It is no longer necessary to estimate an asymptotic covariance matrix with PRELIS and read this into LISREL. The estimation of the asymptotic covariance matrix and the model is now done in LISREL.

STAT/Transfer Version 15

The data import/export feature has been upgraded from Stat/Transfer Version 14 to the most recently released Version 15. Amongst others, Stat/Transfer supports importing data from the most current SAS, SPSS, STATA, MINITAB, MATLAB  and R software.

Bug Fixes

All user-reported problems associated with previous versions of LISREL have been fixed.