HLMix™ Public Beta Available

Scientific Software International, Inc is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a public beta version of the brand new, entirely cloud-based software HLMix™ on SSI Live™.

HLMix™ is a cloud-based program for analyzing 2- or 3-level hierarchically structured data with a wide range of outcome variable distributions and link functions. The program features a point-and-click interface compatible with any common web browser. Output is provided in both HTML and text format. In addition to standard output expected from multilevel analysis software, HLMix™ produces simple slopes and confidence regions for three moderation model types. Statistical features not available in any of our other multilevel programs include odds ratios for the probit, complementary log-log and log-log link functions and intraclass correlations for models using the log link function.

A video demonstrating some of the functionalities of HLMix™ is available here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oExHQYLJAIY. Inquiries can be directed to sales@ssicentral.com.