SSI publishes and distributes specialized statistical software, which are user for data analysis in a variety of fields of research, such as:


  • Statistics (including survey research and informatics)
  • Behavioral and social sciences (such as psychology, sociology, psychiatry, criminal science, family studies, political science, developmental research, anthropology, or social work)
  • Medical research (including nursing, pharmacy, epidemiology, gerontology, kinesiology, sport science, and other fields)
  • Education (in administration, policy studies, test analysis, counseling, and more)
  • Business research (marketing, management, economics, organization)
  • Environmental science (including resource administration and longitudinal research)
  • Other diverse research areas, such as language studies, engineering, law, chemistry, or urban planning


SSI's software products include:


  • LISREL 10 
    LISREL 10 provides tools for structural equation modeling, data manipulations and basic statistical analyses, hierarchical and non-linear modeling, generalized linear modeling, and generalized linear modeling for multilevel data.


  • HLM 7 
    HLM provides statistical tools for comprehensive hierarchical data modeling.


  • IRTPRO 4.20
    IRTPRO (Item Response Theory for Patient-Reported Outcomes) is an application for comprehensive item calibration and test scoring using IRT models.


  • BILOG-MG 3  
    BILOG-MG is an extension of BILOG that is designed for the efficient analysis of binary items, including multiple-choice or short-answer items scored right, wrong, omitted, or not-presented.


    PARSCALE implements Item Response Theory (IRT) measurement methods for binary, multiple-category and rating-scale items.


  • SuperMix 2 
    SuperMix is an application for comprehensive mixed-effect modeling.