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More Programs Now Available on SSI Live™

SuperMix, BILOG-MG, PARSCALE, and AUXAL joins SSI Live™ as subscriptions. SSI is pleased to announce the immediate availability of new versions of SuperMix, BILOG-MG, PARSCALE, and AUXAL as software subscriptions on SSI Live™, our brand new licensing, delivery, and support system.  With your renewable SSI Live™ subscription, you are entitled to many more benefits in comparison to previous licensing models.  Four subscription tiers are available at varying lengths (from 3-month to 12-month): Operational, Commercial, Standard, and Basic. Click here to view a side-by-side comparison … Read More

VPG Releases New Version of IRTPRO

SSI’s parent company, Vector Psychometric Group, LLC, released IRTPRO 5. IRTPRO™ is an application for comprehensive item calibration and test scoring using IRT models. IRTPRO™ was first released in 2010.  The current version of IRTPRO™ is Version 5.0 (released date: June 17, 2020). As of June 17, 2020, IRTPRO™ is no longer marketed by SSI.  Instead, SSI’s parent company, Vector Psychometric Group, LLC, is exclusively marketing IRTPRO™ under a subscription-based software delivery and support model.  Please visit the updated online store … Read More

HLM 8 Now Available on SSI Live™

HLM transitions to the SSI Live™ software-as-subscription service. We are pleased to announce that after several years of development, SSI is offering a brand new HLM software licensing, delivery, and support model. We call it SSI Live™. HLM is the first program to transition to the new model. SSI Live™ is a subscription, similar to the popular rental licenses that we used to market, but with many more features.With your renewable SSI Live™ subscription, you are entitled to many more benefits in comparison to … Read More

SSI Acquired by Vector Psychometric Group

Scientific Software International Inc. is acquired by Vector Psychometric Group. We are happy to announce that in early 2020, Scientific Software International Inc., became a wholly owned subsidiary of Vector Psychometric Group, LLC, a North Carolina-based software and consulting company. We believe this exciting new development in SSI’s corporate history will reinvigorate the SSI products that have for so long formed the backbone of research in a variety of fields. An important part of this evolution of SSI is the gradual roll-out … Read More