Announcing the release of LISREL 11

SSI is pleased to announce the immediate availability of LISREL11. Users with active SSI Live™ LISREL subscription licenses can obtain this update free of charge by logging into My Account.

LISREL 11 introduces several new features that were not available in previous versions.

  • Two-stage multiple imputation SEM for ordinal variables is now available (Chung and Cai, 2019; MBR). In previous versions of LISREL, the MCMC multiple imputation method for continuous variables was used to impute missing data values for ordinal variables under the assumption of underlying normal distributions.
  • Estimation, model fit testing, as well as speed and stability improvements.
  • Variable names can now be up to 16 characters. The length of the path names that LISREL can accommodate has also been extended to 192 characters. The path diagrams can also accommodate the longer variable names in the display.
  • The *.PTH or path diagram file is now self contained, allowing users to share these files with fellow researchers. It offers a cleaner display and users will no longer be prompted to save this file if no changes have been made to the path diagram. Path diagrams for adaptive quadrature analyses now include the display of the – 2 ln L and number of parameters estimated (nfree) on the path diagram.
  • To avoid accidentally running the wrong program, only the Run LISREL button will be enabled for files with file extension *.lis (LISREL syntax), *.spl (SIMPLIS syntax), *.lpj (LISREL syntax generated through the GUI), and *.spj (SIMPLIS syntax generated through the GUI). The Run PRELIS button will become active when a *.prl file (PRELIS, Multilevel, Multilevel GLIM, Survey GLIM syntax files) is active.