SSI is pleased to announce the immediate availability of LISREL12. Users with active SSI Live™ LISREL subscription licenses can obtain this update free of charge by logging into My Account.

LISREL 12 introduces several new features that were not available in previous versions.

  • Two-stage multiple imputation Structural Equation Modeling for continuous, ordinal, and a mixture of continuous and ordinal variables are now available.
  • Confidence interval estimates for the parameters of LISREL models are now included.
  • Standard error estimates and confidence interval estimates for standardized and completely standardized solutions have been implemented.
  • An estimation algorithm for single group LISREL models with or without variance constraints for the endogenous latent variables has been added.
  • Path diagram files can be exported as enhanced metafiles which can be imported into other documents.
  • The multilevel generalized linear modeling application includes more link functions and computes estimates for the intra-class correlation coefficients.
  • The technical details of the new statistical methods as well as illustrative examples are available via the New Features option on the LISREL Help menu.