LISREL represents a seminal development in the history of Structure Equation Modeling (SEM).  In 1970, Professor Karl Jöreskog published a monograph in the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Research Bulletin series entitled A General Method for Estimating a Linear Structural Equation System, along with the LISREL software program. For more on what is new in the LISREL 12, click here.


The LISREL model, methods and software have become synonymous with structural equation modeling (SEM). Today, however, LISREL is no longer limited to SEM. LISREL 11 includes the 64-bit statistical applications LISREL, PRELIS, MULTILEV, SURVEYGLIM and MAPGLIM.


LISREL is a 64-bit application for standard and multilevel structural equation modeling. These methods are available for the complete and incomplete complex survey data on categorical and continuous variables as well as complete and incomplete simple random sample data on categorical and continuous variables.


PRELIS is a 64-bit application for data manipulation, data transformation, data generation, computing moment matrices, computing estimated asymptotic covariance matrices of sample moments, imputation by matching, multiple imputation, multiple linear regression, logistic regression, univariate and multivariate censored regression, and ML and MINRES exploratory factor analysis.


MULTILEV is a 64-bit application that fits multilevel linear and nonlinear models to multilevel data from simple random and complex survey designs. It allows for models with continuous and categorical response variables.


SURVEYGLIM is a 64-bit application that fits Generalized LInear Models (GLIMs) to data from simple random and complex survey designs. Models for the Multinomial, Bernoulli, Binomial, Negative Binomial, Poisson, Normal, Gamma, and Inverse Gaussian sampling distributions are available.


MGLIM is a 64-bit application that uses adaptive quadrature to fit generalized linear models with categorical, count and non-normally distributed outcome variables to multilevel data.

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