LISREL Examples

LISREL can be used to fit:

  • measurement models,
  • structural equation models based on continuous or ordinal data,
  • multilevel models for continuous and categorical data using a number of link functions,
  • generalized linear models based on complex survey data.

Additional statistical analyses than can be performed include, to name a few:

  • exploratory factor analysis (EFA),
  • multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA),
  • logistic and probit regression,
  • censored regression,
  • survival analysis.

To facilitate learning how to use LISREL or teaching with LISREL, an extensive collection of completely worked examples are available for download. Please select the topic of interest from the list below.

Preview the example by clicking on each of the topics below, or download the entire example (PDF, data and syntax files) by clicking on the link in parentheses after the topic name. To download the entire set of examples, click here.

To see an example of the new HTML output available for selected models in LISREL 12, click here. For more on new features in LISREL 12, please see New Features.

Getting started:

New 16 character examples:

Two-stage multiple imputation (MI2S) examples:

SIMPLIS examples:

Regression models:

Structural Equation Models without latent variables:

Structural Equation Models with latent variables:

Factor analysis and principal component analysis:

Multiple group examples:

Ordinal data analysis:

Two-Stage Least Squares examples:

Observational residuals examples:

Missing data examples:

Additional SIMPLIS examples:

LISREL Examples:

Anova and regression:

Structural Equation Models without latent variables:

Structural Equation Models with latent variables:

Factor analysis and Principal Component analysis:

MIMIC and Simplex models:

Mean structures examples:

Multiple group analysis:

Missing data examples:

Latent curve examples:

Ordinal data analysis:

Two-stage least squares:

Additional LISREL examples:

PRELIS examples:

Exploring data and basic statistics:

Imputation and bootstrap examples:

Factor analysis and Principal Components analysis:

Ordinal data analysis:

Two-Stage Least Squares examples:

Censored data:

Multilevel data examples:

Linear models:

Non-linear models:

Complex survey data examples:

Multilevel Generalized Linear Modeling examples:

Analysis of ordinal data

The examples below correspond to a note by Karl Jöreskog on how to analyze ordinal data in LISREL. The original note can be found here. The examples given here have been edited to reflect these analyses using LISREL 11.

Examples from Multivariate Analysis with LISREL

A selection of examples in this section are based on the text Multivariate Analysis with LISREL, by  Jöreskog, K.G., Olsson, U. H. & Wallentin, F.Y., (2016), Springer. For the complete examples, please see the text. To download all examples associated with this text, click here.

Examples from Chapter 2:

Examples from Chapter 3:

Examples from Chapter 4:

Examples from Chapter 5:

Examples from Chapter 6:

Examples from Chapter 7:

Examples from Chapter 8:

Examples from Chapter 9:

Examples from Chapter 10: